Minnesota-based ELDR is an information technology vendor/developer who built its business and its reputation providing communications solutions for the senior housing market. They have partnered with Solvative on numerous projects, including the 4-Call nurse call system, and now on FILTR & FILTRPASS.

EDLR has innovated several solutions that help optimize patient care and staff operations including wander management and nurse call tools, as well as WIFI, phone and internet products. Going forward, ELDR plans to apply its expertise to developing similar solutions for other verticals such as universities, hospitals, commercial businesses.

When the world rang in the new year 2020, no one imagined that within a few weeks, a devastating pandemic would soon envelope the globe, causing several million cases in the US alone, and creating a “new normal” marked by mask wearing, social distancing and working from home. One of the biggest challenges? Keeping the virus out of large public facilities where people live and work.


As it became apparent that seniors were in the highest risk group for COVID-19, ELDR approached Solvative to help develop a monitoring/protection/mitigation product that could aid senior living centers in safeguarding residents and staff from the virus.

The product needed to:


In simplest terms, Solvative and ELDR wanted to develop an automated contactless thermal temperature scanner that could pre-screen everyone entering a senior living facility and also optionally collect visitor data and print entry badges. The most critical goal was to do it much more affordably than our competition has done. The pandemic had created the perfect storm; for many facilities, the pressure to put something in place caused them to be less concerned about cost or considering long-term implications of their investment. Too many facilities were spending far more than they needed to on monitoring products.
The solutions we developed, a contactless thermal temperature scanner calld FILTR and its extension product, FILTRPASS, which adds visitor management plus data capture and reporting capability, provide the same level of protection as our competition, but can be delivered at a significantly less investment than the competition.

We determined that, in a typical senior living facility with multiple doors, it would cost $500,000 annually to staff each door 24/7. But with our automated screening tool at every door, communities would be able to fulfill their promise to provide a safe setting at a tremendous savings—and allow staff to do what they do best—provide exceptional care to residents and families.


Speed to market, of course, was of the essence in developing FILTR and FILTRPASS. When we say our team worked 24/7 on the solution, that is not an exaggeration. In just four months, we went from initial discussions to beta testing to taking orders for market-ready products with initial sales of 50 units—a remarkable achievement. Those communities who’ve put our product in place tell us they’re thrilled with how they’ve performed. What’s more, development, refinement, and the addition of new features to FILTR and FILTRPASS continues as we learn more from the customers we serve.
ELDR and Solvative share more than a business relationship, we also share a passion for doing things right for our clients. We’re both in this business to fulfill our customers’ needs, not ours.
Our solutions are driven by what we learn directly from them. With FILTR and FILTERPASS, we believe we’re doing our part to make the world a little safer, and we’re proud that we’ve been able to do it effectively with a lower price tag.


We designed FILTR and FILTRPASS to have a life and function far beyond the needs of the pandemic, making these products an affordable investment now—and a smart tool to have in place for the future.
From performing automated receptionist tasks to streamlining visitor management and tracking, the opportunities to integrate FILTR and FILTRPASS with other communications tools for use in the senior housing market and numerous other verticals is open-ended and very exciting.

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