Meet our Solvers.

If you’re expecting a bunch of bookish tech-types who never leave their cubicles and prefer computer screens over people, well that’s just not who we are. We’re Solvers with a human side, and you’ll feel it from the moment you meet us. We’re empathetic, intuitive beings who enjoy the company of our clients and exchanging ideas with them (or just shooting the you-know-what with them over lunch).
We believe humanity and all of its trappings are an important part of what makes a good Solver. We look for those qualities in our hires, and we nurture it in everything we do. Sure, we’re driven to accomplish great things, but we’re also patient, approachable work partners who believe in collaborating with our clients and respecting the ideas they bring to the table. Our goal for every project is to make the process of solving your challenges energizing and fun for everyone involved.

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The Brain Trust

There’s a human side to technology that sometimes gets lost behind data capture, bandwidths, and gigabytes. And too often, it’s missing from digital solutions designed by some developers.

At Solvative, we actively work to always put the human element at the forefront of all our solutions. It’s a business philosophy that starts right from the top…and runs all the way through our team of talented, enthusiastic Solvers.

Kunjan Shah

Chief Executive Solver

Bhadrik Patel

Chief Technical Solver

Breck Williams

Chief Problem Solver

Being a solver has its benefits

Solvative values the heck out of its employees. And that means more than handing them a nice paycheck. We work hard to create an atmosphere here that nurtures growth, encourages fun, and celebrates everyone’s successes. If that sounds like the kind of place you would like to work at, we would love to talk with you.

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