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In 2010 when Solvative opened its doors, we made healthcare a key focus of our business because we believed technology could absolutely enhance how care was delivered and how patients received it. We knew that when digital transformation and healthcare came together, amazing things could happen. From sensors that detect falls to smart devices that remotely monitor health in real-time to electronic interoperability tools like FHIR that put mountains of patient data at a healthcare worker’s fingertips. We think that’s exciting stuff.

We were there when digital technology was in its infancy, and we’ve grown right along with it, seeing and doing it all from both the hardware and the software side. It’s a dual expertise that gives us a unique perspective to effectively solve healthcare operations challenges.

One great example of our innovative thinking is our nurse call system, a design that has become the industry model for patient-to-staff communications. And who knows, someday, maybe we’ll invent a Star Trek-type device that does checkups just by waving it over a patient’s body. If anyone can solve it, we can.

Industrial Internet of Things

These days, machines don’t just go through the motions, they talk back, thanks to the power of IIoT. Outfitted  with sensors and running on high-bandwidth wireless networks, today’s industrial systems can be connected, remotely controlled and generate a wealth of detailed operational data about what they do and how effectively they do it. Analyzed data can predict breakdowns, reduce downtime, create greater process efficiencies, and gain valuable insight into supply chain performance. Welcome to the age of transformation—industrial style.

IIoT is having an incredible impact on industries today, and Solvative’s combined expertise in engineering and human-machine interfaces gives us a unique perspective and great insight to the efficiency and ROI challenges your operation faces.

We’re not only visionaries who can conceive custom IIoT network solutions on paper, we’re also technology experts with the engineering skills to bring those networks to life.

For our industrial clients who’ve “always done it in that way,” introducing them to the world of IIoT has been a game-changer. Nothing jazzes us more than broadening someone’s technology horizons.

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When you’re a startup, it’s one thing to stay in the know about digital transformation. It’s another to know how and when to use emerging technologies to your advantage. That’s where Solvative can help. We were a startup once ourselves back in 2010 and that dreamer mentality continues to drive us today.

We can relate to your struggles and challenges because we went through them ourselves.

We love taking part in the ground floor brainstorming that pushes a startup succeed and grow. Getting to know and understand a company; figuring out how to add that extra dimension to its capabilities and identifying ways to make it more agile—those are the challenges we enjoy working to overcome.

And when we reach the final phase—implementing the digital transformation tools that change everything about how you work and how you interact with your customers and clients—that’s when we’ll really earn our keep. The way we see it, when we’re able to Solve Forward® for you, it’s our way of paying it forward as well.


That moment when a management team realizes it has evolved from a scrappy startup to a savvy enterprise is a big deal and it doesn’t happen by accident. It takes great decision-making, fearlessness—and knowing when to ask an expert for guidance.

When you’re ready to explore digital transformation, that expert is Solvative. We appreciate the growth pains enterprises face, because we’ve been there. We understand getting stuck in rut. We know how important it is to be open to new ways of doing things better.

For today’s enterprises, embracing digital technology and gaining insights from the data it delivers, isn’t a choice, it’s an essential business strategy.

Customers demand it from their user experiences. Employees expect it to help them work more efficiently and effectively. By the time you wake up tomorrow, the world of digital transformation may yet change again. But no worries, the Solvative team is on top of it. That’s just our way.

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Being a part of the e-commerce evolution has been a huge thrill for the Solvative team because this industry dovetails so beautifully with our focus on designing for the human experience.

The introduction of e-commerce has been a game-changer for retailers and many other types of businesses. The idea of securely and conveniently shopping from home or office is attractive—the challenge has always been how to reproduce the all-important face-to-face interaction that builds loyalty and trust.

Our team believes that empathetic, personalized e-relationships are possible, and we’ve proven it by successfully developing user experiences (UX) that complement in-store relations rather than cannibalize them.

We build sites that not only manage the technical aspects of e-com, but also seamlessly echo brand voice and in-store experiences. The result is a cohesive online presence that, in every way, from every channel, reflects your brand at its very best.

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