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Triple Point Calibrations is an Australian company, founded in 2006. The company’s primary focuses are repair, calibration services, and consultation, as well as sales of industrial calibration supplies.

Customers look to TriplePoint for assistance in setting up their own calibration facilities. In 2018, the company was acquired by new owners whose vision was to significantly ramp up TriplePoint’s services division.


One of the requirements of expanding TriplePoint’s services division was having a website optimized for e-commerce. When the company was purchased, the new owners inherited a website that was homegrown from the early 2000s—translation: it hadn’t been updated in years. The poorly functioning site had been causing missed orders for far too long, which led to customer frustration and a damaged reputation, along with derailing any potential for growth. The new owners wisely made optimizing the website their highest priority and brought in Solvative to handle the job.


Above all, TriplePoint’s new owners needed to restore the trust that customers had in the company and its ability to serve their needs—and clearly the solution was a complete website overhaul. In order to attract new clients and showcase the company’s wealth of new service offerings, the new platform would have to perform three critical tasks:
  1. Handle intuitive checkout flows for custom equipment.
  2. Work seamlessly with local payment gateways in Australia.
  3. Accommodate purchases of one item or bulk sales using payment forms ranging from credit cards to pre-approved purchase orders.
The site would also need to be infinitely extensible as product and services offerings grew, and, of course, it had to be easy for the client to manage and maintain.
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The existing website was not responsive to the needs of the current marketplace or to the company’s internal production & sales process. It had to change.


Choosing the right e-commerce platform was key. Solvative selected WooCommerce, our go-to choice as the most intuitive commerce solution, and the perfect option to capably handle TriplePoint’s expanding business model.
Going forward, the extensible WooCommerce-based shopping cart would enable checkout of both service offerings and subscription programs. Plus, 100% of the web and phone billing could be handled by WooCommerce.
The TriplePoint web team wanted to be able to make daily changes to the site’s front page in order to alternately promote new products, run sales and promotions, and highlight local causes they support. For this purpose, we chose a WordPress-based content management system (CMS) for them. Not only was it easy to use, it would require only minimal training and assistance from us, minimizing ramp up time and frustration.
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With an intuitive checkout flow and an easy to manage backend inventory and order system, TriplePoint was able to increase their eCommerce sales by over 70% in the year the solution went live.
Going forward, Solvative will continue to support TriplePoint’s web presence and work with on future digital solutions that will enhance and support the company’s mission.

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