We are changing our name!

An update from Quark Studios – We are changing our name!

Quark Studios is now Solvative!

This summer marks ten years since we opened our doors. We’ve come a long way since we were two guys working in a coffee shop. Today, our team includes 37 industrious, talented individuals working across three cities and two continents.

We’re proud of how far we’ve come, but I have to admit, what excites us is envisioning what we’re going to accomplish in the future on behalf of our clients. We’re living in some pretty remarkable and challenging times, after all.

No one could have predicted how a microscopic virus would change business as we know it, but here we are. Just months ago, everything in the digital world was focused on elevating the user experience.

But clearly, there are more significant issues at stake. The next wave of digital transformation must also address the complexities of a far more mobile workplace and the ever-growing mobile-based relationship between the enterprise and the consumer. Our clients have shown they’re open to change when met with an immovable force. As always, we’ll help them address the next wave with the solutions they need to succeed.

To honor our next chapter, we’re also evolving. Quark Studios is now Solvative, a name we feel more aptly defines who we are as designers and developers.

As Solvative, we’ll continue to be the responsive listeners and creative thinkers we’ve always been. But our toolbox has expanded in many exciting new ways since the early days, so our ability to Solve Forward® by creating more human-focused digital solutions now feels almost limitless. That’s a pretty heady notion for folks in our field.

Since 2010, our team has elevated the way employees, and their customers use digital technology across various industries, and we can’t wait to do more of the same. There’s no telling what will come next for us, but I know one thing for sure—we’ll forever be committed to creating human-focused innovations that contribute to a healthier society and a better world.

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